Pattaya City Thailand, Chonburi Buffalo Races

Chonburi Buffalo Races

on the eastern seaboard

Part Three:
The venue remains unchanged from the days of Kittipong and Chai and, accordingly, is in the courtyard in front of the Chon Buri City Hall. If travelling from Pattaya, it is easiest to drive and Chon Buri is found directly on the way to Bangkok, about 60 kilometres from here. On a good day, it should take little more than half an hour to get there. There are also extremely good and regular bus services.
If you wish to take advantage of the public transport option you will need to find your way to Sukhumvit Road by way of either a baht-bus or a motorcycle taxi. You will then need to make sure you are on the beach side of Sukhumvit, i.e. the side on which the traffic travels towards Bangkok, where you will find that the buses in question (i.e. pretty much all of them that pass by and are willing to pick you up) stop near the respective junctions with South Pattaya Road, Pattaya Klang and North Pattaya Road. The buses are Sukhumvit Highway buses, which travel up and down Sukhumvit all day between their stated destinations. Some are air-conditioned while others are not, and some, for example, run between Sattahip and Chon Buri while others go all the way, albeit with many stops, to Bangkok from, say, Jomtien. The sides of the buses will usually state the locations between which they travel, and as long as Chon Buri is either one of those locations or alternatively lies between the two then you should be alright.

 If in any doubt, ask the driver and if he doesn't understand you, try, "Bpai Chon Buri mai?", which simply means "Do you go to Chon Buri?" A suitable bus will be along every ten minutes or so. It is really very straight-forward and probably a great deal easier than I have made it sound by trying to give you as much information as possible.

There are of course so many other fun-filled and exciting things to do in and around Pattaya, particularly if you are only here for a couple of weeks or so on holiday, and then again there is not much wrong with sitting by the pool all day or languishing in your favourite bar. However, how many other chances are you going to get to watch buffalo racing, wrestling and taking part in beauty contests?

Even if buffalo racing doesn't really grab you as a sport, the colour and pageantry of a Thai festival is something that is well worth taking a look at. Thais are of course famous for knowing how to have a good time and this is an excellent opportunity to see how they do it. And if you go along, don't forget to take your camera with you. Some things are far more easily explained to people back home with the benefit of a few well chosen snaps. You can even show them what "Miss Buffalo" looked like.

This article was written by "Tim Gladwin"


Pattaya City Thailand,  Chonburi Buffalo Races