Pattaya City Thailand, An introduction to Chonburi

An introduction to Chonburi

on the eastern seaboard

Less than one hundred kilometres from Bangkok on Bang Na-Trat Highway, Chonburi is not only is not only a well-known seaside destination, it is also major agricultural and industrial producer, with extensive sugar-cane, tapioca and coconut plantations, shallow and deep water fishery, as well as manufacturing plants.


Ang Sila a small fishing village about five kilometres from Chonburi Town, has been one of the oldest seaside vacation spots noted for it products in stone mortars.

Sam Muk Hill is situated mid-way between Ang Sila and the Bangsaen Beach. The Chao Mae Sam Muk Shrine atop the hill is widely revered by the local people.

Hat Bangsaen is a well-known beach only 10 kilometres from Chonburi on a right-turn at km. 104. Highly popular with local tourists, apart of the beachfront area is set aside for vendors of local foods and snacks. Canvas chairs and inner tire tubes are available for rent, as well as shower room facilities. Eminently suitable for a one-day outing from Bangkok
Marine Science institute located on the campus of Burapha University at the entrance to the Bangsaen Beach, is divided into three components: Marine Aquarium, Marine Science Museum and Marine Science Laboratories. The Aquarium has a large selection of fish and other marine animals which are to be found in the waters around Thailand. The museum is devoted to fish and fishing in Thailand. Open daily from 8.30-16.00hrs. on weekdays, 8.30-17.30 hrs. on public holidays and closed on Mondays.

Nong Mon is the central market one kilometre further on from the entrance to Bangsaen. Here can be found all types of fresh and dried sea food, local sweets and fruits (both fresh and preserved) as well as fine rattan wares from near by Amphur Phanatnikhom.

Khao Khieo Open Zoo is about 11 kilometres from the Bangphra market. Operated by the Zoo Organization, it covers an area of some 2, 000 acres, with more than 1OO species of wild life roaming freely in its compound. Tourists can walk and have a close look at the monkeys, gibbon, elephants, deer's, birds etc. The zoo is open everyday from 8. 00-18. 00 hrs.

Siracha is a seaside district 24 km. from town. It used to be one of the most popular resorts and still attracts considerable number of tourists who make frequent stops to buy sea food and fresh-fruits, particularly pine-apples.

Koh Sichang about 12 km. off the Siracha shore, is a substantial island with peaceful atmosphere and fresh, clean air. The only transports available are motorized tricycles as the ring-road around the island is only a little over one meter wide. The major structure ashore is an extensive former palace built by King Rama V used for recuperation. Two temples were also constructed during his reign one of which, Wat Atsadang Nimit, has a chapel and a pagoda in European architectural style. A Chinese pavilion, with dragon and peacock designs, is also worth visiting. Nearby is The Chakrapong Cave within which is a chimney-like access to the top of the hill affording a grand view of the island. On the other side is a beach called Hat Hin Klom (round stones)' as they have been exposed to the strong winds of the Westerly causing them to rub against one another until they become smooth and round.

Chonburi Buffalo Races is held during October every year. The water buffalo is one of the mainstays in the life of a Thai farmer, but in this annual event it is put to more amusing uses than ploughing the local fields, such as buffalo races (photo) and contests pitting buffalo and man. Beauty contests add to the fun a festival that attracts crowds from near by seaside resorts.


Pattaya City Thailand, An introduction to Chonburi