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Thailand Top 14 Travel Tips

In recent years Thailand has become more popular as a vacation site. To ensure that you and your family have a wonderful experience when visiting Thailand, read the following top tips:

1) Thailand is a Buddhist country; any sacrilegious acts committed may be punished with imprisonment; no one is immune. So it's a very good idea to respect all Buddhist traditions.

2) The Thai people hold their king and queen in high reverence; they will have little or no tolerance for disrespect against them by foreign visitors. So be wise and do not say anything too critical about their king or queen or the royal family.

3) The majority of Thai women are conservative; so to act safe, do not touch them without being given permission.

4) If you plan to enter a Buddhist temple, dress properly; mini skirts and shorts are not permitted. You must remove your shoes before going inside the hall of worship. Women for no reason must not touch a Buddhist monk.

5) Do not display intimate behaviour in public.

6) Always call Thais by their fist names. Also, use the title "Khun" for adults.

7) Never touch any Thai's head, or ruffle his/her head. The head is the noblest part of the body.

8) Be conscious of your limps: never put your feet on the table when sitting. And never use your foot to point things out or to touch any part of anyone's body.

9) When enter a Thai house, always remove your shoes.

10) Sell your cheque or drafts to a bank within 15 days of arrival.

11) Do not bring narcotics, obscene literature or pictures, firearms or ammunition, and piranha and certain species of fruits.

12) Be careful about dealing with street vendors who might not offer genuine goods at fair prices.

13) Always get a receipt for any item that you purchase. For jewellery you must get a certificate for guarantee.

14) Apply to the Immigration Division of the Police Department if you want to overstay your visa; you will need a duplicate copy of your passport, a photograph, and a medical certificate if you are sick.
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