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An introduction to Bangkok

Bangkok, known to the Thai's as "Krung Thep",

which means City of Angels, Bangkok was established in 1782 by King Rama I. as capital of Siam.
Bangkok's Sky train is now in operation.
Bangkok tourist attractions

Bangkok tourist attractions

Over the past to centuries, it has developed into a great metropolis with a population of over ten million. Like other modern cities in the world, Bangkok boasts lots of massive buildings, numerous luxurious hotels, shopping centres, and a modern international airport.

But Bangkok has also retained its traditional charm. It is a mixture of East and West, the ancient and the modern. Its surface has taken on the look of the present time, while underneath the old ways are much alive in Thais everyday life.

So, despite its modernization, Bangkok is still best suited for a glimpse of the traditional arts, architecture, religion, and other aspects of the culture of the Thai people.

Old Town- Chinatown,

The old Bangkok town is the original area of Bangkok when it was first established as the capital over 200 years ago. Here are located the Grand Palace, The Temple of the Emerald Buddha, the Temple of the Reclining Buddha, two universities and several ministries.

The town was formerly surrounded by walls. Now only a few sections are preserved as historic sites. It is from this side of the Chao Phraya River that one takes a boat to visit the Temple of Dawn and the canals nearby.

Chinatown is located just to the southeast of the old town. It began to take shape at the same time of the establishment of Bangkok, when the Chinese inhabiting the old town areas were moved outside the city walls. The gold shop street named Yaowarat, and the Temple of the Gold Buddha are in Chinatown.

Sukhumvit to New Phetburi

Sukhumvit Road is one of the three longest roads in Thailand, stretching right up to the Cambodian border in the East. But what concerns us here is the section from the inner city down to Sukhumvit 63 (Soi Ekkamai) (air-con Bus station)

The cream of this district lies inside the lanes (Soi) branching off the road, where there are numerous fashionable residences , hotels, apartment buildings and guest houses, and also a large number of really good restaurants. In the section from Soi Nana (Sukhumvit 3 & 4) crossroads (Nana Plaza, Go-Go's and Beer bars etc.) to Soi Sukhumvit 21 ( Asok Intersection ) (Soi Cowboy, again bars, A Go-Go's etc.) , there are many shops catering to foreign tourists, where jewellery, leather goods, ready-made garments and souvenirs are sold also tailoring, car rental and other services are offered.

To the north of Sukhumvit Road is the extension of Phetburi Road which, is rather quiet in the daytime. After dark however, the long street is brightened with colourful neon signs and enlivened by people going out to enjoy themselves in dozens of entertainment places scattered along the street.

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Grand Palace

Grand Palace

Pattaya City Thailand, Bangkoks tourist attractions