Pattaya City Thailand, An introduction to Chiang Mai - Rose of the North

An introduction to Chiang Mai - Rose of the North


The Land of Beauty

By road 696 km. from Bangkok, taking the Asia Highway (BKK to Nakhon Sawan), Highway No.1 (Nakhon Sawan to Thoen District, Lampang Province), then use Highway No.106 to (Chiang Mai town), about 9 hrs. drive.

Daily coach services from Bangkok Northern Bus Terminal. By air (1hr.), several flights daily. By rail (751 km. about 13 hrs.), daily service.
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Warm hospitality and good manners.....the land of fascinating, mist-shrouded mountain scenery and fertile valleys....the land of religion with nearly 1,100 Buddhist temples....and the land of Thai art and handicrafts.

These are some attractions you can find in Chiang Mai, an old city of 700 years which still retains its natural charm and old culture. If you have a chance to visit this paradise on earth, you will understand why people call it " The Rose of the North."

native dance
Native Dance

The numerous places of interest in Chiang Mai can be conveniently grouped into the following routes, each easily accessible by car and covered within one day:     City Tour   |   Doi Suthep Route   |    Mae Rim-Samoeng Route    |    Bosang-Sankamphaeng Route   |    Doi Chiang Dao Route     |   Chiang Mai-Hang Dong Route    |   Chiang Mai-Chom Thong-Hot Route    |    Mae Taeng-Chiang Dao-Fang Route  

Attractions of Chiang Mai


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Beyond  Chiang Mai   Whilst Chiang Mai is the biggest jewel in the North, from the visitors point of view, there are other gems all around and within easy reach that should not be ignored.
Lampang, Mae Hong Son and Lamphun

Jaesorn National Park - worth a day or afternoon trip out, want more information

Pattaya City Thailand, An introduction to Chiang Mai - Rose of the North