Pattaya City Thailand, An introduction to Chiang Mai - Rose of the North

An introduction to Chiang Mai - Rose of the North

Dining out in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai delicacies include hang-le curry, ho curry, sai-ua (Chiang Mai sausage), mu-yo (pork sausage), naem (pork sausage with lime and chilli) and many kinds of naem-prik (a shrimp paste sauce with chilli) to be eaten with crispy deep fried pork skin and fresh vegetables. A great  way to enjoy Chiang Mai food and dance is to have a khantok dinner which is served in leading hotels and restaurants.
dining out in chiang mai town Northern Thailand is the home of one of the world's finest cuisines, as can be witnessed by the number of Thai restaurants that have appeared throughout the world over the past few years. Thai people are most imaginative in their selection and presentation of  food, and dining out is a special delight for the tourist.

 Most fish are farmed here in Chiang Mai and also freshly caught fish are flown in every morning from Bangkok and may be consumed without concern. Many tourists are surprised to see the amount of food sold by street vendors, especially barbecued chicken, pork, and squid. Generally, these may be eaten without worry, but care should be taken to ensure such food is well cooked.

 International food is also readily available in Chiang Mai and the cuisines of Korea, Japan, India, France, Italy, Vietnam and others are to be found. Vegetarian food restaurants are common in the city.

Of the special Northern Thai dishes Tom Yum is probably the most sought after. This delicious soup, made from special ingredients, including lemon grass, frequently is served with chicken, pork, fish, prawns, or frog. Whichever is your choice you will undoubtedly keep coming back for more and more Tom Yum.

Another very popular dish is Tort Man Goong. Some-times called prawn fritters,  it is a delicious combination of vegetables and prawns.        For descriptions of other Thai food click here
dining out pomelo Another delight is Khau Neow Ma Muang, or sticky rice with mango, and it is a real Thai treat. No matter whether it be PadHet Horn (fried mushrooms with onions in gravy) Paad See Yu, Kaeng Khiao Wan Kai (Green Chicken Curry) or any of the other myriad of delicacies available, eating in Chiang Mai will be a memorable experience.

One of the many fruit acquisitions from China, said to have arrived here about 400 years ago, is the Som-o, otherwise known to us as the Pomelo. Easy enough to recognise, looking as it does like a rather larger than usual grapefruit, though with a really thick and difficult-to-divest peel, it's more than usually  puzzling to select for quality. The good ones are lusciously juicy and with a magnificently tart flavour, but how - without buying and trying - do you distinguish these from the ones with no taste at all? Probably the best bet is to buy the already peeled, packaged segments -THB..35 per unit, more or less. If that's good, buy more from the same seller.

British pub grub can be found in Chiang Mai dining-5.jpg dining-3.jpg
Pattaya City Thailand, An introduction to Chiang Mai - Rose of the North