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An introduction to Chiang Mai - Rose of the North

Shopping in Chiang Mai

Many tourists come to Chiang Mai almost exclusively to shop. Whether it be for watches, gold, jade, clothing or jewellery there is almost limitless availability of any known product. For those looking for the lower priced range of item, the famous NIGHT BAZAAR is ideal. If it is an up-market item you are looking for, that too is well catered for. Bargaining is a long practiced art in places where prices are not marked. In places such as department stores, it does not apply. Receipts should be obtained and for genuine jewellery, a certificate of guarantee also. There are many skilful tailors who will produce a required garment within a day or so at a competitive price. Also, there are a number of fine retail shops throughout the city selling high quality clothing at about half the price one would expect to pay in most Western countries.

The price of gold is set and is of 22 carat standard. The many gold shops will be more than helpful in your choosing an elegant and beautiful piece. Handmade pewter-ware is available in many places in Chiang Mai and is extremely beautiful.

shopping in Chiang MaiThere is also much cottage-industry type jewellery available throughout the city and environs. For many specialized goods, the road to SANKAMPAENG must be at the top of your list. It is there you will discover finely crafted silverware and lacquer ware at very competitive prices. Also, do not fail to inspect Chiang Mai's famous 'umbrella' industry where you can buy beautifully hand-painted umbrellas of all sizes.
The road to HANG DONG is dotted with many fine places selling excellent handcrafted woodcarvings from life-sized elephants to tiny birds. You will also find others with finely made furniture, floral crafts, porcelain and much more. Also, the area around the Regent Resort near MAE RIM gives the opportunity to search for items such as antiques and carvings.

Do not forget to check out Chiang Mai's famous silk industry. Many fine garments, such as shirts, blouses, skirts and suits can be tailor-made for you at exceptionally reasonable prices. So, give yourself a treat and feel the sensual luxury of a Thai silk garment around you.

shopping in Chiang Mai - SankampaengYou will also find more unusual industries, such as decorative
paper made from mulberry tree bark, woodcarving and leatherwear of exceptionally high quality. Another very popular local industry is the manufacture, frequently to your order, of hand-made, creatively designed, candles.
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