Pattaya City Thailand, Loy Krathong Festival in Thailand

 Loy Krathong Festival


aspect of the festival is simply as a romantic evening for couples somewhat irrespective of any deeper meanings. However, if you are determined to get caught up in the actual significance of what you are doing. you should probably be aware that some Thais believe that a bright future for a couple is only assured if their Krathongs float in the same direction and stay adrift for the same amount of time. Moreover, it is said that students of Chulalongkorn University believe that couples who celebrate the festival together can expect to see the end of their relationship during the course of the following year, although I have no idea why they take such a contrary view. But such things cannot detract from what is on the most basic level a very sweet and charming evening for young couples to enjoy together.

Even though you won't have to worry about doing so yourself, as ready-made Krathongs can be easily bought very cheaply on the all important day, many Thai women expend a great deal of time and effort in making quite beautiful and intricate little receptacles into which to place their offerings. The tiny boat itself will traditionally be cut from the trunk of a banana tree and decorated with a variety of flowers and leaves, including orchids, African marigold and roses. And of course, given the importance of a Krathong remaining afloat for as long as possible, it must be well designed to ensure that it doesn't over-turn as soon as it is hit by even a small ripple in the water. For a while, Krathongs made from non-natural materials such as polystyrene became very common. However, given that Thais believe that another of the evening's raisons d'etre is to seek forgiveness for consuming and abusing the water supplied by nature, it seems rather odd to do so by polluting that very same resource with hundreds of thousands of pieces of non-bio-degradable garbage. I am glad to say that, with the growing aware-ness of environmental issues, such

Loy Krathong festival in ThailandKrathongs have become far less popular and ones made of natural materials are again becoming much more fashionable. Of course, this is something that you really should bear in mind when buying a ready-made Krathong.

Other commonly held beliefs include that Loy Krathong gives one an opportunity to wash away one's sins from the previous year and that it is a way to honour and remember one's dead ancestors in line with the great respect typically afforded to the dead by Buddhists. When attempting to cleanse themselves of their sins, it is common for those floating Krathongs to place snips of hair and nail cuttings alongside the candles and other offerings to symbolize dead elements that should be set adrift. So if you see your girlfriend giving her nails a quick snip down by the river before letting her Krathong go. for once she may not simply be taking an opportunity for a quick manicure. However, if she has a go at your hair, my bet would be that she's been looking for an excuse to give you a fresh "do" for a while.

As tends to happen with most festivals, an awful lot of people either have no idea or simply don't care what it is all about and are just out to have a good lime. And who's to say there is anything wrong with that. Not me. that's for sure. As someone who. for example, happily celebrates Christmas, but does not go to church, nor think loo much, if at all. about the birth of Jesus I am quite content to simply enjoy the atmosphere that the time of year brings about. And when you consider that the current perception of Santa Claus was actually an advertising creation of the Coca-cola company in the early 20th century (hence the red and white colours) and the fact that the traditional date on which Christmas is celebrated actually relates back to a Pagan mid-winter festival rather than anything else, it is quite clear that there- have always been plenty of people quite happy to do the same. But a festival is a festival is a festival and it means different things to different people. So if you are just out to have a good time for Loy Krathong, then you certainly won't be alone and, moreover, you will have plenty of opportunity to do so. Parties, dinners, fireworks, light shows, folk-dancing, floating lanterns and so on are all common-place. Light and colour are key elements in the celebration.


Pattaya City Thailand, Loy Krathong Festival in Thailand