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Travel Destination Guide for Thailand
Pattaya City Thailand, Missing Persons / lost touch

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 Missing Persons / lost touch


David Morris


  missing person in thailand david morrisHello,
I was wondering if you could help me. My father emigrated to Thailand in 2001, just before the Tsunami occurred we lost contact with him. I have tried contacting him with no avail and I would just like to know whether he is alive, if you have any way of finding this out for me I would be extremely grateful. It causes me a lot of pain not knowing if he's ok.
His name is David Morris. He is 5'10'', well built with dark thinning hair and tanned skin. He is of British origin, his mother was Unice Morris, his father Sid Morris, he has a brother and a sister, John and Linda. I am his only daughter and i saw him every weekend up until he left for Thailand. The last time we spoke he had an Opticians business in Phuket, he was married to a Thai woman named Jenny and had a son who he named Christopher, he should be 5 now. Also at the time he had a house and a distinctive white BMW.
I have since moved to Canada with my Mother, both his brother and sister have moved house and so have my relatives who he knew, so if there was any chance he came looking for me he would not be able to find me or find anyone who knows anything.
Again I would be extremely grateful if you can find anything out for me, if not then maybe you might be able to pass me onto someone who deals with these matters.



Thank you,

Pattaya City Thailand, Missing Persons / lost touch




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Missing Persons - David Morris