Missing Persons - Peter Swift

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Missing Persons / lost touch


 Peter Swift

My name is Graham Morris, I live in Tyldesley, Manchester, ENGLAND.  I am trying to trace my friend Peter Swift who I used to work with for 3 years at a company called Groundwork based in Wigan, Lancashire.
Peter is 65 years old and travelled to Pattaya in 2007.  He was initially in regular contact with me via text messages and postcards however, I have not had any type of correspondence for 6 months and urgently wish to trace him.  Can you help?
If anyone knows of Peters' whereabouts I would be grateful if they could contact me via email at sgrady@hotmail.co.uk.

Don't know if this is of any help but Peter is, as said 65 years old but looks a lot younger (or did when I last saw him), had greyish shaved hair, wore square shaped glasses, was of stocky build approx' 14 stone and as he was ex Army was quite fit. But ,again, this is how he was when I last saw him.
I know he went to a village near Pattaya to do some renovation work and on one of his postcards dated 16.01.08 he says that he had obtained another 3 month visa to go to Laos and stated when he arrived in Pattaya it was in the middle of some kind of water festival. (Admin: Songran Festival)
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Missing Persons - Peter Swift