Pattaya City Thailand, Regional Consumer Protection Centre

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Clearly, residents and tourists need more consumer protection in Pattaya. They also need to know where they stand in certain situations, what their rights are, where to go to register legitimate complaints, and what will be done to address any abuses.

Phisit Boonchang, under-secretary in the office of the governor, called a meeting at City Hall on February 12 to identify the problems and discuss what measures need to be taken to address the issue.

A committee has been formed to liaise with government agencies and the private sector (GP&S), and decide what action can be taken to generally improve consumer protection and help consumers if and when they need assistance. During the discussion, but without going into detail, Phisit gave an example involving a well-known discount supermarket in Pattaya that was found to have expired merchandise for sale on its shelves.

Numbers to call for the Regional Consumer Protection Centre   038 276 770 or 038 270 055
For complaints against the Baht Bus drivers 038 423 554

He also discussed the public’s on-going problems with Baht bus drivers and various consumer related problems in some hotels and restaurants that take advantage of their customers, ultimately causing damage to Pattaya’s tourist trade. Disgruntled tourists who have inexcusable hassles with businesses and transportation in Pattaya do not retreat into forgiving silence, but spread the bad news far and wide.

Since education and communication are twin keystones to the foundation of both consumer awareness and willing cooperation among the general business community, the committee decided what Pattaya needs most is a public relations program to spotlight the fact that consumer assistance is available.

The plan will begin with a public disclosure program disseminating printed material detailing consumer rights and providing helpful information on reporting incidents, in Thai and English.

Contact information includes the consumer protection agency’s four-digit emergency phone number 1166, the postal address: P.O. Box 99, Bangkok 10302; and their website address:


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Pattaya City Thailand, Regional Consumer Protection Centre