Pattaya City Thailand, An introduction to Phuket

An introduction to Phuket

In Town       

Khoa Rang,
A low hill near the town centre, is an excellent place to view the beautiful scene of the town, especially on a full-moon night
Old Buildings,
The Sino-Portuguese style mixed with modern constructions form the unique identity of the town of Phuket.
Saphan Hin Mining Monument,
It was built in 1969 to commemorate the first metal ore-dredger used in Thailand, introduced by Australian Captain Thomas Miles in 1909. Saphan Hin is frequently visited by townspeople and students from a nearby college.
Phuket Orchid Garden & Thai Village,
Where visitors will be charmed by elephants at work, handicraft shops and workshops, demonstrations of tin mining and rubber manufacture, cultural shows and an exhibition of exotic varieties of orchids.
Phuket Butterfly Garden & Aquarium,
Where there are plenty of butterflies of different species, colourful sea creatures also rare insects and reptiles.
Phuket Butterfly Garden & Aquarium
Phuket Butterfly Garden & Aquarium

Western Route

Patong Beach,
Patong is the foremost beach resort of Phuket which can compete with any other famous beaches of the world. But many people do not know that, as late as a few decades ago, Patong was the remotest district of Phuket, cut off from the main part of the island by mountains. Even though it was located only 15 km. from the provincial town, it sometimes happened that a Patong villager who was seriously ill would die before reaching a hospital in town.

Thanks to His Majesty King Bhumibol, after his visit to Patong in 1959, a modern road called Phra Barami was built leading from Phuket Town to Patong Beach, bringing modernization to the district.

Patong Beach is widely known among the Thais and foreigners because of two important factors. One is its natural beauty--the white sandy beach, plentiful sunshine, clear turquoise sea, fantastic underwater life and soft breezes. The other factor is the availability of a wide range of man-made facilities. Here you have a big choice of accommodations from luxury hotels to palm cottages, a host of restaurants and shops, all kinds of aqua-sports equipment and numerous places of night entertainment, including enchanting transvestite cabaret shows. Vacationers who love nature and modern comforts would find Patong an ideal place.

Patong Beach
Patong Beach

Kathu Cascade,
A small cascade 4 km. from the Kathu Administration Office, it is a pleasant place for picnicking.
Mai-ngao and Karon Noi Beaches,

Situated across the hill to the south of Patong are Mai-ngao and Karon Noi Beaches which are beautiful and still undisturbed.

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Patong Bars
Patong Bars

Pattaya City Thailand, An introduction to Phuket