Pattaya City Thailand, An introduction to Rayong

An introduction to Rayong

On the eastern seaboard of Thailand

After the glitz and glitter of Pattaya, Rayong offers much needed rest and relaxation. This quiet paradise, now boasts a bustling industrial estate, is just an hour's drive away from Pattaya.

Rayong is tropical, generally warm and humid with abundant rainfall, average temperature is around 28 degrees C. Best time to visit is from November through February.


lit is on Highway 3, about 220 kms from Bangkok or 185 kms on Highway 36. It is a province known for its fine beaches, tasty food and delectable durians. It has some interesting sight-seeing and pleasure spots.

At Wat Lum Mahachai Chumpon is The King Taksin Shrine. It was built in commemoration of the occasion when King Taksin was rallying Thai people to fight the Burmese invaders who were occupying the country. It is much revered by the people, especially those of Chinese ancestry, and during the Chinese New Year celebrations, it draws huge crowds of worshippers.

In the main chapel hall of Wat Pa Pradu, is a large reclining Buddha, measuring some 11. 95 metres long and 3. 60 metres high. The peculiarity of this reclining Buddha is that, it. reclines on its left instead of on its traditional right.

Phra Chedi Klang Nam, is a pagoda erected on a small islet in the Rayong River. It is about 2 kms south of town centre at the end of Taksin Maharaj Road. It is about 10 metres high, and annual festival is held in November, with boat races, folk plays, and entertainments.

The Rayong City Pillar is highly-respected by the town people. It is at Lak Muang Road. Originally the shrine was made of wood, but reconstructed in brick and mortar.

Phra Buddha Angkirot is the principal Buddha image of Rayong, and is enshrined in a Thai-style pavilion at Suan Sri Muang, just behind the city hall.

Beyond the Town

Hat Sai Thong is about 5 kms on laterite road at km. 208. It is also known as the Golden Beach, a quiet and clean place, with bungalow-style accommodations. For reservations call Hat Sai Thong. Tel. (038) 611025.

Koh Saket. it is a small off-shore island and can be reached by taking a boat Hat Sai Thong. It takes about 20 minutes to get to Koh Saket. There are a few bungalows for rent and fresh water is transported to the island for drinking and washing. The scenery is beautiful with long white beaches and there is a modest restaurant also. The boat service commences from 9. 00 am. and the last boat from the island is at 5. 00 pm.

At Wat Lum Mahachai Chumpon is The King Taksin Shrine. Ban Phe. it is on Sukhumvit Highway at km 231, take the left turn and proceed for about 5 kms, is a small hamlet by the name of Ban Phe, where local products such as fish sauce, cuttle-fish, dried shrimp and shrimp-paste are available on sale.

Koh Samet. It is 6. 5 kms and about 30 minutes by boat from Ban Phe. Thailand's great poet Sunthon Phu wrote the story of Pra Apaimanee in the early 19th century on this island.

The islands of Kudi, Kruai, Kham, and Plai Tin which make up the Khao Laem Ya-Samet Island Group has been proclaimed as a national park by the Forestry Department since October 1, 1981

Suan Wang Kaew is about 11 kms further along the beach road. It has several beaches and bays and is tastefully landscaped. There is also an off-shore isle of Koh Thalu, popular for camping, skin diving, and under-water explorations. For more information call 251-0836, 252-5053.

beaches of rayong eastern seaboard of Thailand

Laem Mae Phim is very suitable for swimming as waves are not too strong and the sea is clean and clear. Koh Khee Pla is a small off-shore isle to the north of Laem Mae Phim. For some unexplainable reasons, it can be reached by just walking on every April 21st, when the tide goes down to an extent that a 'road',

Wat Saranart Thamaram. it was built in 1944, and is located at the entrance to Klaeng district at km 265 on Sukhumvit Highway. It has as its principal image, a replica of the highly venerated Phra Buddha Chinarat of Phitsanulok. At the four corners of the temple are replicas of four major Buddhist monuments, namely, Phra Pathom Chedi, Phra That-Panom, Buddha Gaya, and Phra That Chaiya.
The Khao Cha-Mao National Park, It is about 17 kms off main highway at km 274. It is abound with various types of plants and trees, as well as those species of high value as decorative plants. The Khao Cha-Mao waterfall has 8 levels and is not too difficult to reach the top.

Khao Wong Cave. It is 77 kms from town. There are about 80 big and small connecting chambers all of which are richly and beautifully decorated, with natural stalactites and stalagmites.

Ban Kon Ao. 8 kms from Ban Phe with beautiful beaches. At present there are few private houses for rent.

beaches of Rayong on the easyern seaboard of Thailand

Pattaya City Thailand, An introduction to Rayong