Pattaya City Thailand, TOT changing telephone numbers

TOT changing telephone numbers

The Telephone Organization of Thailand (TOT) is changing telephone numbers in Thailand, to take effect from 5th July 2001.

“According to the rapid increase in telephone demand, current telephone numbers can not respond to subscribers’ requirements,” a written announcement from the TOT read. “Without adding new numbers to serve the increasing demand, this problem can effect business operators and others.

“The Telephone Organization of Thailand (TOT) would like to inform (subscribers) that there will be a New Numbering Plan all over Thailand. TOT has indicated the area codes to be part of the new telephone numbers for every system including fixed line telephones and mobile phones (except special numbers such as 191, 1133). For making calls, the area codes need to be dialled first, followed with designated numbers; however, the charge rates will be the same. This Thailand New Numbering Plan will be have the least affect on subscribers and provide an additional 90 million numbers to serve for the next 15-20 years.”

The TOT gave the following examples:

Bangkok Metropolitan Area - Existing Number (02) 505-1212 - New Number 02505-1212

Provincial Area - Existing Number (035) 244-192 - New Number 035244-192

Mobile Phone - Existing Number (01) 441-0505 - New Number 01441-0505

Overseas calls will remain unchanged.

The written message continued, “For making special number calls such as 1133, 191 and overseas calls, there will be no change, except 17 restoration service changes to 1177 + number such as 1177-0-2505-1000.

“For PABX users, please contact sales representatives for upgrading software in order to serve with New Numbering Plan. The Thailand New Numbering Plan (became) officially effective on July 5, 2001. For subscribers convenience, TOT will allow the existing system to be used for one month after the effective date.”

For further information, please contact Call Centre # 1100 (free of charge), e-mail: new or visit TOT’s website: numbering


Pattaya City Thailand, TOT changing telephone numbers

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